Kevin Click

Over the years he has played and recorded with numerous bands as well as establishing a career as a solo artist. Kevin has spent time performing in everything from Church Cathedrals to Hollywood clubs. He is passionate about communicating God’s truth through his music both to the church and the world at large. Over the span of his career he has recorded seven albums including his latest release “Can't Make a Better Me”. Many of his songs are currently being sung in churches across the United States. Currently, the song "Faithful Father" can be heard each day as the opening theme for Pastor Jack Abeelen's radio program, "Growing in Grace". Kevin resides in Torrance, California with his wife, three children and dog Rory.​

As a young boy, Kevin Click was hopelessly in love with American radio. Born and raised in Southern California, yet having a family from the Southern Bible belt, Kevin grew up on Old School Rock-n-Roll, Soul, Gospel and Country music and these became the influences that would help shape a style that has become uniquely his own. Raised in the church, Kevin started singing almost from the moment he could speak. At 18 years old he found himself at a crossroads. Having abandoned his Christian upbringing, he was on a path of self-destruction. However that year Jesus met him face to face, and in an instant, all the pain and addiction washed away. God offered forgiveness and Kevin was finally ready to receive it. So with his new found faith and a passion for music, he set out to change the world.